Ion-list option-buttons won't stay in place

hey there,

i have a problem using the option-buttons. when i drag to the left… the option-buttons move in from the right but won’t stay in place. if i move away the mouse or the finger the option-buttons moves directly out of the view (again on the right side) anyone faced the same problem?

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See : Side Menu with List view (optionButtons edit share - not working)

This is fixed in the nightlies.


thanks for the very fast reply. what is the best solution for updating the ionic files? i had in the past some problems just copy and paste the code (f.e. the device plugin was ruined) is there are cli update command? or do you as well just overwrite the old files with the new ones?

many thanks in advance

I personally just download the new releases and paste them into to code over the old release. Some people prefer Bower.

i did the same and it worked this time. many thanks for your reply