Ion label underline disapear inside form



  1. why does the ion label bottom border disapear? i want it to change color is input is wronge etc…why here it is not doing the line?
  2. is there a way other than grid to put the ion label and ion input in the same line?


my code: (wrote with mistake at first like otherwise deletes my code)

"<ion-card *ngFor="let val of this.formAtt"

<ion-input class=“underline” type=“text” [formControlName]=val>

        <ion-card-content>So much awesome content and animations. AMAZING!</ion-card-content>


Post actual code not images and format them too please.


whats the problem with image? it deletes half of my code if i write it here dont know why


Someone trying to help you might want to copy your code and test it, if you don’t post code then it has to be typed again.


ok sorry, ok.
i will try but it deletes part of my code, any reason?
look at the edit


No probs!

I am not sure of what that exactly means, try it afresh let us see whats happening.


hmm … that’s strange.


ok i wrote the supp about it. thanks


found the solution:

inside item-row must be ion item like this:
<#ion-input class=“underline” type=“text” [formControlName]=val>


Whats with the ‘#’ signs??