Ion-item href doesn't work on Blackberry10

this problem only affects the cordova version on Blackberry 10 (z30).
It works on Blackberry10 web browser and on Android phonegap/web.

I’m using the latest angular-cordova-seed 0.9.25 (but I had the same problem with 0.93v) and I have noticed that the list into the Pets view is not clickable and you can never go in the detail view.

I’m talking about the following code. The href seems doesn’t work.
When I click an item the .active CSS is applied but the page doens’t change


      <ion-item ng-repeat="pet in pets" type="item-text-wrap" href="#/tab/pet/{{}}">

Thanks. Fabio

Hello Fabio,

I have the same problem using an Q10 and Z10.

Hi, maybe you should replace your href attribute with angularjs one ng href.
AngularJS ng href

Can you try replacing the href with ui-sref to see if that works on Blackberry?

Something like this:

<ion-item ng-repeat="pet in pets" type="item-text-wrap" ui-sref="'', { 'petId' ::}">

Also, have you tried just putting an ng-click on one of the links and doing something in the controlller like log or something? Really need to know if the list item is detecting tap events at all.


t worked but there is a big delay between the click and response. Sometimes it does not work and you need to click once or twice to respond.

Hi Calendee,
I am also getting the same problem in windows phone 8.
I had tried both ng-href and ui-sref.

Any suggestions??

Lomas Joshi

Adding “local” protocol to sanitization whitelist in config angular module solves the problem for me:

.config(function($stateProvider, $urlRouterProvider, $compileProvider) {

I did the using function call.
Take a look…

<ion-item ng-repeat="pet in pets" type="item-text-wrap" ng-click="petDetaile(">

In Controller:-

$scope.petDetaile = function(id) {
                window.location = "#/app/pet/" + id;

Hi @Calendee,

For me… There is blocking issue (Scroll is not working) in blackberry10 while open app first time.

Thanks @topicus! Works for me too.

Thanks @topicus! This fixes a sidemenu issue in general with ionic and the simulator links not working for ion-item. Not just a blackberry issue.