Ion-item content is having issue with ion-content-space-between

in ionic item i have three items
1- avatar
2- Name
3- an image
the problem is that i want avatar and name should be left align but the image should be right align.

i have tried all the stuff like ion-content-space-between property between name and image and also tried the image with float:right property but nothing is working yet.

my ion-item code is:-

 <ion-item color="lightPink" class="item4">  
        <ion-img slot="start" class="person-logo" src="../../assets/no upcoming ride/Group 21193.png"> 
        <p class="name">Joselyn joseph</p> 
          <ion-img  class="car"  src="../../assets/no upcoming ride/icon car 3.png"></ion-img>
          <p>HOT RIDE</p>
          <img  class="car"  src="../../assets/no upcoming ride/icon car 3.png">
          <figcaption>HOT RIDE</figcaption>

one more help i need is that how to move in the next line for further addition of a

currently it start adding on the right side of the image