Ion-infinite-scroll issue on phone

Hi. I use ion-infinite-scroll for loading more data for loading more data. I show 20 datas firstly. Then I load 20 datas when scrolling on page end. I tried it on real phone - android 5.1 and android 4.2. It works good on 5.1 phone. But it It does not work properly on 4.2. It shows first 20 datas. But when I scroll, It loads about 10 datas. Then it does not make any thing. . Why can this happen? I have I try to make compabilitable for android phones. Can anyone give any idea about this ?
hanks in advance.

did you found a solution ? i have the same probleme.

I used “Crosswalk Webview Engine” plugin… Now , it works.

Thank you for the fast response . I will try it . But what about the apk
size ? I think that crosswalk will increase the size of the apk.