Ion Img Tag Issue: Ionic 6 Angular 15

We are retreiving the images from the server. And response type is Blob and then we are converting it to base64 string and binding it to src of ion-img.

ion-img tag is working fine in web browser. But after building APK, Images are not appearing.
We have tried with dom sanitizer resolution also but that didn’t work as well.
Need your help!

Here is the code.

------ component.ts file -------
for (let i = 0; i < this.itemMasters.length; i++) {
      if (this.itemMasters[i].attachment_path != null) {
          let headers = {};
          const imgType = this.itemMasters[i].attachment_path.match(/png|jpeg|jpg/)[0];
          headers = Object.assign(headers, loginData['tokens']);
          const getResponse = this.commonRestService.downloadFileFromS3Bucket(this.itemMasters[i].attachment_path, headers);
          const readFile = new FileReader();
          getResponse.forEach(fileBlob => {
                 readFile.onloadend = () => {
                            let base64Img = readFile.result.toString();
                            base64Img = base64Img.split(',')[1];
                            base64Img = 'data:image/' + imgType + ';base64,' + base64Img;
                            this.itemMasters[i].attachment_path = base64Img;

------ .html ------
<ion-img [src]="item.attachment_path" class="each-image"
                                     *ngIf="item.attachment_path != null" style="height: 163px;"></ion-img>

In browser --------

In Mobile Apk ------

So what does the console say of the error?

There are no console errors related to it regarding ionic or angular or anything. Thats the big problem for us to find the cause. We’ll reverify and will reply here soon