Get the base64 string of an image from html <img> tag

Is it possible to get the base64 string of an image that is loaded in the <img> tag? and if there is, how can I do that?

In my html:

<ion-slide *ngFor="let img of Images;  let i = index" >

   <img id="currentIMAGE" [src]="img" class="img">


The Images array contains the download url of image blobs from firebase storage which looks something like this:

ts file:
In my ts file, I have a function that will save the base64 string as png file to android gallery.

import { Base64ToGallery } from '@ionic-native/base64-to-gallery/ngx';

constructor(private base64ToGallery: Base64ToGallery) { }


  this.base64ToGallery.base64ToGallery(imgBASE64String, {prefix: '_img', mediaScanner: true}).then(
    res => alert('Saved image to gallery '),
    err => alert('Error saving image to gallery ')