Ion-content with fixed content above

Hi All,

I’m using ‘ion-content’ to create scrollable content.
However, it seems that ion-content can only be used “full screen”.

In my application, I’d like to put some arbitrary content above the scrollable content.
When I do so, the ion-content is taking up all the space (see this jsfiddle).

Is this kind of behavior not possible to achieve with ion-content? (other than putting hard margins?)
Is there another preferred way of creating this behavior?

Thanks for your time, Koen

Hey, therefore you can use ions-scroll.

Thanks, looks good.

I guess this is more of css question than an ionic question;
if i do use ion-scroll, the height of that ion-scroll container must be set in order to see the scrollbar.

What is the best way to set it to the height of the windows - the height of the fixed content above?
Is there no other way then explicitly calculating this height in css?


puhh you i think you need a parent conainer with a fixed height and position relative.

maybe you can get the height of the scrollbar div of ionic (it should be the height of the visible part of the page).
I do not know where your ion-scroll is placed… maybe height: 100% reaches your aims.