Ion-content taking long time to calculate the height of the scrollable content



I have implemented accordion layout which can expand and collapse on a click of a button.

Logic work’s perfectly fine, but performance is bit slow. On expand/Collapse of the content, instantly the height of the scroll is not getting calculated. user has to wait at-least a sec to see the effect.

i have attached codepen, please review the code and suggest to increase the performance.



If you use $ionicScrollDelegate.resize(), you golden. Just remember to add a timeout for to wait for things to finish expanding.


Thank a lot,
Working perfectly fine. But, Is there any way to do without introducing time?


The time is just to make sure that what every you do on ng-click has a chance to finish before updating the scroll. You can reduce the time to see if it helps in your case, but I know for my case, the time out is necessary.