Can't get $ionicScrollDelegate.resize() to work for accordion

I have an accordion set up and I can’t get the $ionicScrollDelegate.resize() to actually resize the window. I still have to stop touching the screen for about 2 seconds before it finally resizes.

I’ve seen the codepen that apparently resolves this, and I have tried to mimic it as close as possible, but with no luck.

I have created a plunker that demonstrates my issue:

Just be sure to view it with Chrome’s mobile emulator in the dev tools. Simply expand the last accordion and try to scroll down. It will prevent you from doing so until you stop scrolling and wait for it to resize.

Any help is appreciated.

I’ve already noticed this

So it turns out the .resize() was being called prior to the animation finishing, which meant it was capturing the screen height prior to full expansion. This explains why you could scroll down somewhat, but not fully.

This could be fixed with a timeout, but I am going to use angular-animate’s $animate event (on event close) to call the .resize() method. This will fix it.