Ion-content has-header problem in 1.0.0-beta.1

I’m upgrading from v0.9.26. I built a translucent header, a header that has rgba(0,0,0,.5) background color, and displays ion-content behind.

With v0.9.26, in order for such arrangement to happen, I remove ‘has-header=“true”’ from ion-content, then add a custom padding through my own css. When the ion-content is scrolled up, I’m getting the translucent header effect.

With 1.0.0-beta.1 this is no longer possible. ‘has-header’ css class is added to ion-content forcefully. And according to this thread: Ion-content has-header being ignored , meanwhile the only way to change it is via a master switch that completely hides the header.

So currently, is there anyway to remove ‘has-header’ class from ion-content but retain the header bar?

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It appears that currently the only way to remove the margin, is to add ‘style=“top:0”’ to ion-content.

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I’m also having this problem!

same here… my transparent header is disabled…

Is this issue still actual in v1.0.0 ? (stable version)

Apparently this issue is still in v1.2. Just added solution to ion-content in a ion-modal-view.