Ion-checkbox issue

I am loading list of Product Categories from database as checkbox in side menu.

loadProductCategories() {
this.CategoryList = …
Then I am loading these categories in my side menu:

<ion-scroll scrollY="true" style="width:100%;height:40%;overflow:hidden" #content>
        <ion-list-header color="secondary">
        <ion-item-group *ngFor="let range of rangeList">
          <ion-item *ngFor="let houseRange of range.HouseRangeList">
            <ion-checkbox color="dark" checked="false"
  <ion-footer class="bar-stable">
    <button ion-button color="secondary" round style="left:0;right:0;margin:0; width: 100%;position: fixed;bottom:0;" menuClose="filter-menu"
      Apply Filters

it creates a side menu like this :

which is perfect , if user clicks on “Apply Filters” button it works perfectly.
The problem I am facing is if user select any option from House list and after that user closes the menu and dont click on “Apply Filter” button . The option in the menu remains selected even if user go back to the previous screen.
is there a way if user close the menu without clicking on Apply filters button to reset the menu and make all the checked checkboxes unchecked.


Sure, by using ionClose you should be able to do it

Hi Kocei ,
Thanks for your reply , I have already tried using ionClose on menu :

 menuClosed() {

Still the option /options shows selected.


<ion-menu  (ionOpen)="menuOpened()" menuClose="" (ionClose)="tryfast()" [content]="content">
<ion-checkbox [(ngModel)]="test" color="danger"></ion-checkbox>
  private test= true;
    tryfast() {

I have tried it, and it’s working.

Thanks I will give it a go.