Ion-button has no width on device

I have these two buttons on my login page:

				<button ion-button full class="facebook-login botao">Entrar com Facebook</button>
				<button ion-button full class="google-login botao">Entrar com Google</button>

It works fine on browser:


But when I build to emulate on AVD the button looks like has no width:


That’s my sass for the buttons:

.row-social {
			top: 77px;
			position: relative;
			.botao {
				margin-left: 18px;
				width: 90%;
				&.facebook-login {
					background-color: color($colors, facebook);
					&:hover {
						background-color: color($colors, facebook-hover);
				&.google-login {
					margin-top: 10px;
					background-color: color($colors, google);