Inviting through Facebook only returns didComplete

Im using the Facebook plugin through ionic-native to invite a person to my app. The only response i get when using console.log from Facebook.appInvite(this.fbOption).then(function(success) { is {"didComplete":1}. Is there anyway to get info of invited person/persons?


I don’t think you can get any information about the people that has been invited to your app by using this feature.

Looks like the invite feature of the Facebook SDK is sending the invitation to the people but there’s no way to get any information about who. I guess this is why you just have success or error as a result.

Thanks for your reply. The app invitation is not really the goal, but rather for the person to add his Facebook-friends to a group in the app. Could I use som kind of apprequest for this instead rather than an invite?


Yes, of course. You can do that by calling the user friends endpoint.

This will give you a unique ID (user ID are now “app-scopped” so do not expect to share this between 2 different apps) for each user, who are already using the app.

Alright, so the friend must be connected to the app to be invited? Is there any workaround through this, as I’ve seen some other apps be able to do it. Or has the Graph API been changed to only allow friends whos using the app?

By using the app, I mean having an account created by using Facebook login in your app