Invite Facebook friends

Hey friends !

So I will need the possibility to invite Facebook friends to use my app. I already integrated the Facebook plugin thanks to NGCordova : Facebook plugin

using $cordovaFacebook.showDialog already gives the ability to share to any friend. But is it possible to get the full list of friends and pre-tag friends according to their ID or something ?

Just curious about it, if not it’s not a big deal :smile:

Thanks !

Hi Jerry,

I stand corrected, but if you hit ‘me/friends’ you’ll be able to see your users Facebook friends currently using your app. They removed the functionality to retrieve all of a users friends in v2. Hope that helps

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Hi and thank you,

indeed that’s something they removed. I was wondering if there is still a way to do it, but looks like the only way is with Taggable Friends and it’s not that helpfull since you can’t do much with it after that - according to my tests this can’t be used with showDialog to pre-tag friends.