Inviting facebook friends using ngFB module


I am using ngFB for facebook authentication in my app.
I would like to provide the ability to invite friends.

$scope.openInvitationDialog = function() {
method: ‘apprequests’,
message: ‘Interested in playing? Joing the xyz game’

However this does not open the friends invitation dialog box. What am I missing here ?


Use the Facebook Connect plugin to do this. Then call showDialog as follows:

$cordovaFacebook.showDialog({method: "apprequests", 
   message: "Come on man, check out my application."

If you see nothing on your screen when firing the dialog, check on the body tag if the fb_reposition css class has been added. If it has, then set overflow:visible for that particular class. You now should be able to see your dialog.


i try to call this function but i get the error message that i can only use this function for games… how i can invite friends to my “normal” application?