Introducing Ionotron, and Build & Download Changes


Hey folks!

Welcome our new team member, Ionotron!

Ionotron is our new robot that will be helping us build Ionic. You can see him at work in the ionic-code repo and other places.

Every commit to ionic master, he will be checking our code for mistakes, building, and pushing out bleeding-edge or release versions of Ionic. And that’s just the start.

Ionotron has already made a few changes! Here are the ones that are relevant to you guys:

  • Build files are now not in the dist folder, the dist folder is not on the repo anymore. Check the next bullet.
  • You can now download the latest stable release from:
  • You can now download the bleeding edge just-from-master release from:
    • The Ionic CDN: select nightly version (nightly actually means ‘every-build’)
    • Look in the bower-ionic Repository for the latest version, and do for example bower install driftyco/bower-ionic#0.9.23-alpha-652 (we are waiting on bower to do some changes before bower install ionic points to bower-ionic repo instead of ionic main)

Let us hope our new robot overlords treat us with mercy.


I’m fairly certain this is how skynet got started…


nice work andy and glad your on board - things where already moving at breakneck speed - so we should now all look out


@andytjoslin is a developer beast!


Is there a testing plan for documentation / examples?

For example, the demo linked from => doesn’t work

and various ionic/test/ .html files are out-of-date. For example including …/dist/ionic-simple.js in input-toggle-io7.html and menus.html, which does not seem to exist.

But otherwise, cool =)


@lwu Sorry about the old demo, we’ve actively moving everything over to codepen, and have a system in place to keep codepens up-to-date. I just updated the list page with the codepen demo instead.

As for /dist/ionic-simple.js you can just remove that, we’re no longer building that file. We’ll also be going through the test .html files more. Thanks!


can this be sticky’d? this should be how most ppl install ionic on their projects. This also needs to be updated. bower-ionic is a typo or no longer exists, it’s ionic-bower.


I used “bower install ionic”, and the file ionic.bundle.min.js came with the version v0.9.27.


The reason is because since 1.0.0 is marked as ‘beta’, bower won’t automatically download it as the latest version. You have to manually do bower install ionic#1.0.0-beta.1


I like helpful robots.