Intermittent scroll locking on iOS


I have been trying to chase this down and reading various posts, and Beta 12 seemed to make it better, but I am still suffering intermittent ‘scroll lock’ on IOS devices (and emulation). The Ionic components seem to stop scrolling including the content panels and modal panels.

I have found that the following ‘hack’ relieves the issues (completely), but causes other side effects (like scroll drift after a child component handles a side swipe, but I can live with that).

self.touchMove = function(e) {
if(!self.__isDown ||
//e.defaultPrevented ||
( === ‘TEXTAREA’ &&’:focus’)) ) {

I have mixed in some other components (a little Mobiscroll and Angular UI bootstrap typeahead), and I believe it might be related to the interaction of these components with Ionic, but it was far more stable under Beta 12 until I also added the Camera and Geolocation plugin.

This might be related to the problem with ‘disabled’ input items (reported by the Mobiscroll guys), but I am experiencing these lockups even without invoking those components.

Has anyone else seen this?