Integrate AR app with Ionic-Angular 1.x

We have hybrid app built in ionic v1 and angularjs 1.x until now everything is working fine. Now we are planning to integrate AR app created in native iOS and Android in our ionic v1 app.

  1. Can we integrate AR in ionic v1 or we need to upgrade?
  2. If we need to upgrade can you please show me the correct path to start with.
  3. Can we include a plugin in existing v1? if so please guide me how to create a plugin
    I’m new to ionic and Angular 2.x.

@Sujan12 can you help on this?

Integrating a native thing happens in the native layer of your app, so Cordova or Capacitor. On the web app side it doesn’t really matter if you are using Ionic v1 or Ionic 4.

I don’t know what this question means. What kind of plugin? How is Ionic v1 relevant to this?