Installing ionic cordova


I m Installing ionic cordova but error anyone know how to solve
thanks in advance


I did the exact same thing a few minutes ago, no problems at all.

Are you running your command line as Admin? Why?
Are you behind a proxy that is messing with stuff?


yes as Admin…no proxy…
kindly tell me solution


Why as admin?

Try running npm install -g ionic and npm install -g cordova seperately.


i try seperately but same error.


That is impossible. It makes absolutely no sense that npm install -g ionic returns the same error as you posted above.



See, different URL was not found.

Try npm install -g ionic --verbose


Can you access in your browser?


yes i can access…and i try npm install -g ionic --verbose
but same error

  1. Please stop posting screenshots of cmd - just copy the messages over here and format as code so we can actually read it. You can also add > output.txt to your command to log to a file automatically.
  2. Something is intercepting your requests to in your command line. You get a Aache error message, responsed from this server normally come from a varnish proxy. Your network is broken, nothing we can do about that. you have to fix it. (Easy way: Disconnect from your network, connect to a hotspot opened on your mobile phone. Download, then you can switch back to your normal network)