Ionic no such package available - npm install -g ionic


I’m trying to get started with ionic 2 but can’t even install ionic itself.

I’m in admin mode, node v6.9.1, npm 3.10.7 & cordova 6.4.0. Eveytime I try to run the command I get an error message.
I already tried to uninstall the 3 of them, then re-install without success.

Anyone got an idea ? Thanks for your help


have you tried npm install -g ionic cordova


It gives more or less the same result :


try to update npm: npm install npm@latest -g


Still not there =(
I’m now in “npm 4.0.2” but have the exact same message :


it looks like it is a common issue:


The issue isn’t exactly the same since I have a correct version of node / npm. Something else must be blocking the command.