Installation problems and how to start editing files on Windows


I’ve done some ColdFusion development, but Angular, Ionic, Vagrant, and bash is all new to me. Git is almost new. Maybe I’m biting off more than I can chew, but I want to give this a try. (I did successfully create a tiny working app about a year ago with JS and a few AJAX calls and PhoneGap Build to generate the binaries and loaded and ran the app on my android phone.)

I worked through the installation process on the Ionic site with a couple of problems. First of all, I am working on Windows 7, I log in with my name, but I am the only user and of course I am an administrator. I used the Vagrant package all-in-one setup which istalled a least a million files :slight_smile: I noticed that it included the Android SDK stuff. It seemed to me that the idea is to create a virtual development environment and emulator that is somehow isolated from Windows.

From the installation guide on the Ionic website, I tried to run:

npm install -g cordova ionic

but I got errors that seemed related to permissions. I then tried:

npm install cordova ionic

and that worked. Any problems with leaving off the -g? Then I ran

ionic start firstApp tabs

That seemed fine, but all the files created are owned by ‘vagrant’ and I don’t know where they are. bash says the files are in: home/vagrant/firstApp, but I can’t find that anywhere on Windows.

I continued with:

cd firstApp
ionic platform add android

and got more errors. These seemed pretty serious:

‘Could not find JAVA_HOME. Try setting the environment variable manually’

I am beginning to feel out of my league here. My immediate question at this point is how can I edit the files in the project? The framework was created and that is a good start, but how can I open the files in an editor if I can’t find them in Windows?


I recommend you to see the video Instalation process on Windows and follow all steps 1 by 1 , is explained very well and last error

is because Java Path is not definied in variable enviroment. I really recommend to watch all video, and if you follow all steps, the problems you’ll have would be 0 :slight_smile:


Thanks. That helped and everything is now working. It would seem that the Getting Started page actually only applies to the Mac people. That would have been good to know.