Ionic 3 tutorial Installation

I am writing to you because I just started with Ionic 3, and I find that it is practically impossible to unify all the existing installation criteria under Windows.
It also seems to me that after seeing the thousands and thousands of cases that exist for example in stackoverflow it would be highly recommendable that they could publish an official installation instruction, complete, indicating software to be installed, for example npm node, jdk, android studio, and in each case the environment variables to consider and configure.
That includes the 3 environments, Windows, Mac and Linux, and whether there was corporate proxy or not. If there is, indicate the variables to be configured with npm config set. I think with this, thousands of users around the world would appreciate being able to start being productive quickly under this wonderful framework. For example, two days ago I am trying after a proxy in my organization. Thank you very much!

Você deve seguir estes passos para a instalação do ionic

->Instalar o nodeJs
->Instalar o Cordova(npm install -g cordova)
->Instalação Do Ionic CLI(npm install -g ionic)
->Instalação do TypeScript(npm install -g typescript)

Para as SDK do android, recomendo instalar o android studio, que já vem tudo pronto

is what I have done, but I run into problems, for example, when I do ionic cordova build android, I have the following error:


[14:10:29] lint finished in 2.62 s

Exception in thread “main” Connection timed out: connect
at (Native Method) … "

It looks like there is an issue installing Gradle. Manually install it, and try again.

Thanks Chris, I just installed gradle 4.9, and I put in the environment variable path, the corresponding path, verified by console. But … keep looking for 4.1. What variables and where should I play?

[15:29:46] lint finished in 2.71 s

Exception in thread “main” Connection timed out: connect

     at (Native Method)

I mean … I modified two files:
GradleBuilder.js and

But the latter always returns to the original 4.1, not the newly installed 4.9.
There is a step that I do not know

Thanks Chris