Install app using qr code

Hi, i want to have a function in my app, that it will read qr code, there will be some url in qr code. After reading qr code, it will install app from url that was in qr code. Is it possible?

Yes this is possible.
You can use the native plugin for this.

ok, so i read the url from qr code, but what next? How to make it install that app?

You can’t directly install it.
The only possibility is to redirect it to the Playstore URL where people only have to confirm.
Directly download the app is strictly forbidden, double opt-in.
People have to confirm that they agree with the action you want.

so i need to publish my app on google play? Cant i give url to my site, where the apk is for download?

Yes that is possible. Only you cant directly install the app.
People can only download it instantly then but not install it instantly without an action.

ok thats ok :slight_smile: Thx a lot :slight_smile: