Temporary publishing an app

Let say that a client order a mobile application. My questions are the following.
Can I “publish” the application on Internet (in a location like www.somewhere.com/myapp) so he can see the application during development?
Can I created a QR Code for the application so he can download it?
Does the apk file contains all the resources or do I have to include them in the same location as the application?

FYI I am using visual studio and the ionic templates for visual studio.
Thanks in advance

You can definitely upload the apk to a internet location, and have the client download it … I did it a few times in the fall for my boss.

Thank you for the reply.
I would like a clarification if possible. I’m a bit confused by the term “download” that you used in your answer.
Do you mean that my client can scan the QR Code with his mobile and then the application will be installed on his mobile or you used the term “download” because he has to do some other process?
Will this also work for updates?

Do you know of Ionic View ?

If not:

You can upload your Ionic App via the command “ionic upload”. Then you will receive a key which you can enter in the Ionic View app to download it.

It is the simplest and fastest way at the moment to share Ionic apps, but some of your cordova plugins might fail, so better be cautious and test it on your phone before.