Install and run scroll magic on a angular ionic app

how is the best way to set up and use scroll magic in an angular ionic app?

I find this package but a don’t know how to install.

I see the documentation, however, I don’t understand the step 3

3 - Add hj.scrollMagic to app's module dependencies

I even try to google ‘app’s module dependencies’ but i have found nothing looks like

thank you

Sadly, about all I can say is “keep moving, because that particular package isn’t going to be of any use to you”. It’s for AngularJS (version 1 of Angular), which is completely incompatible with modern Angular.

Oh, man thanks very much for the answer (save-me a couple of days trying install)
it is possible to run the original package, or any other package that you heard about, or even a ionic/angular way of doing it?

thank you again!