Inserting content dynamically into ion-content

Currently I am trying to dynamically insert content into <ion-content> via a Jquery plugin - but for some reason it isn’t successful in placing <li>'s into the targeted <ul>?

Is there any specific reason for this? Been looking through the docs without an answer.


What approach are you taking? It sort of sounds like you are trying to target a ul by ID. You really shouldn’t be doing that. With AngularJS (what Ionic is wrapped around), you use a view and controller. In the controller, you have the data you want displayed in the view. Then using something like ng-repeat, AngularJS automatically creates the list items for all of your data.

See this sample :

@Calendee Thanks - solution worked.

Any specific phonegap build tutorials incoming? I see there is already an android.

p.s. Great community support.

None that I’m aware of. Devs are hunkered down in code for new release and documentation.