Input type="color" does not work on iOS?

Hello guys,

I used input type color and on Android it work perfectly fine. But on iOS it does not show anything when clicked. Is it not supported on iOS Webview. Did any of you use this? Are there alternatives for this or I need to make my own component?


Anyone used this before, any fixes?

Are you trying on the whole ion-input element? if so, it will not work there. Just give it a class instead and add your color there.

I am using native input element not ion-input. Use class for what? I am not trying to give it color I am trying to make it color picker so user can choose color they want and I can later use it.

For desktop(web):

For Android:

And it does not show on iOS at all.

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I was able to produce this by using

<ion-input type="color"></ion-input> running Ionic 6 with Angular 12 on iOS 15 (on iPad simulator).

What version of Ionic are you running?

Ohh, I was using <input type="color">. Didn’t know there is ion-input with type color. In docs it is not listed.

Thanks, will try this.