Input focus bug

On Ionic 1,
I have a search filter inside a subheader.
But after scrolling item, it may take more than 5 secondes to be able to click and focus on the input.

I find out that if i tap anywhere on screen before tapping inside my search input it work instantly, but if i do scroll my item and do no tap anywhere but right inside the input after the scroll is ended, i have this long delay before i can tap and focus on my search input.

I wonder if it’s a Ionic bug, or if it happen because my input is in a subheader.

i had the idea of create a fake click or focus somewhere on scroll end.
it’s very anoying.

If i tap outside the input and do not scroll, then tapping inside the input it will work normally and the focus will work and the keyboard will open. it happen only after scrolling the items.