App not built right in xcode after 'cap open ios'

Hey folks,

bit of a noob here so bare with me. Im having trouble running the app in Xcode, when it opens in Xcode there are many errors, mainly relating to capacitor, and im not sure if i’ve done something wrong.

steps ive taken (all using ionic cli)
ionic start
i went through all the options, and added capacitor at this point.
ionic serve
all works fine
ionic build
npx cap add ios
ads ios folder to project
npx cap open ios
then Xcode opens, and i see all the errors (app wont ‘play’)

So all i have done in the project is made a new page, and added a few components. I have tried a few steps i found here and elsewhere, such as install cocopods etc…but after about 7 attempts I always end up back at the same place.

ive added a screenshot of how the project looks when it opens in Xcode. Any help here would be great as at this point im clueless as tho where the problem might even be happening!

Screenshot 2020-04-13 at 13.45.20|203x500

Hello Joseph,

I see no errors in the picture you shared. Here is the script I use when testing with xcode
npx ionic build && npx cap sync ios && npx cap open ios.

Have your ran npx cap copy ios?


Hey Alex,

Apologies, i sent the wrong image…but i followed your steps, and it runs (thank god! and you!)…the only difference was i wasnt running ‘npx ionic build’, just ‘ionic build’. could that of been it? I haven’t see that anywhere.


Happy to help,

Not sure if that was the root of the problem. Might be the sync as well, but in the end it is important that the app is running.

sync actually didnt work ha…so im bamboozled, but yeah as long as its running im happy. thanks