Infinite Scroll best practices


I have asked this question on IRC but without any response ;).

Is there any best practice for creating X column list? I have created this solution: , but maybe there is something that i dont know.
Also is there any way to create efficient infinite scroll with over 6k items (each item have it’s own picture) ?


hi @kl3ryk,

u can check this codepen , i will add for each row to be responsive some filters and search query.
now u need to call to http req with offset .


Thanks :).

But is it good idea to use ion-list for this task - for displaying grid and for displaying a lot of items?
I found very nice solution - but i dont have now time to implement it.


i use it for more then 6k with filters and search input and its works great,
its nice idea to do this with x scrolling instead of y scrolling but its good for ipad devices in mobile i will choose y scrolling and if u add to the row part a class with responsive it will be very nice in ipads and mobile.