Feature request: List(or Table) View with "infinite" scrolling and ajax

Hi, will be interesting have a features for simulate the UITableView (and NSFetchResultsControllers) of ios.
I explain a bit better:
If someone need to load a twitter feed(or reddit for example) you must do a call ajax and with the json you must show the list of element.
The problem is when you want show more tweets(like twitter app) or load from a sqlite db.
If the app have over 50 DOM element is very very very slow, so I thinked that will be great have a feature like infiniteScroll ( http://sroze.github.io/ngInfiniteScroll/demo_async.html ) but that when load more data, delete the old, and if instead you return back, load the older and delete the newest.
All this should be done for example 10 element before the array is finished, so the user experience will be great!
What do you think ? anybody have done something like this ? I think that it’s a very important features for be an alternative to native, because many app need to show an feed(twitter,instagram,reddit,facebook,frontback etc… ALL SHOW feeds)

I have done a little example with only down actions:


Virtual scroll (what you are describing) is on our short-term roadmap, once we get 1.0 pushed out.

But also with reverse scrolling ? anyway I hope very soon! I need it :smiley: I’m very impressed from Ionic Framework! @andy

it looks like Angular-UI has a decent Angular pattern that would be nice to support in Ionic.