InAppBrowser - return to app



I have a question about InAppBrowser. When I open something in InAppBrowser with target _blank page loads correctly.

new InAppBrowser('', '_blank');

Problem is with returning back by click on Done button. There is just white screen. Is this normal behavior? I yes, is there any way, how to show page in InAppBrowser above ionic application and after close browser continue in state where I clicked on a link?

Thanks for answer


Ok, I will answer my question.

Solution is presentationstyle=pagesheet option, '_blank', 'presentationstyle=pagesheet');

default is presentationstyle=fullscreen, which causes problem after closing InAppBrowser window.


I was facing the same problem but with ionic 1 and inappbrowser 1.5.0 as well as the latest version available so far. I can confirm that this option allow to return to the app, is not a final solution for the full screen need but is life saver workaround.