InAppBrowser leaves blank pages behind upon close

Hi guys,

Do you know what those about:blank pages appearing on the devices list in DevTools are?

I see that the number of about:blank pages increments each time I open and close InAppBrowser.

I have questions in my mind. Is this a bug alert or may I be doing something wrong? Are those pages consuming memory?


I am seeing this too and have the same questions.

What exactly?? Can you please be more informative.


  1. Connect your device to your computer.
  2. Run your ionic app.
  3. Open a Chrome browser window and then go to this URL: chrome://inspect/#devices
  4. Now in the app open an InAppBrowser window. Then close it. Then open another one. Then close that. Do this cycle several times.
  5. Look at the Chrome window. Now you’ll probably see many about:blank pages.

My wondering is, are those about:blank things memory consuming? Assuming that they are not closed properly --regarding they’re still visible to the inspector-- is there a potential limit of unclosed InAppBrowser windows that may cause the app crash when that limit is reached?

@EmreErdogan Did you solve this??
I have the same issue.already wasted 2 days