Inappbrowser popup authentication


I have implemented an HttpInterceptor to intercept the all the requests and it works fine but I have an issue when my backend is protected by Basic Authentication that requires to put his username and password.

With inappbrowser I have automatically 401 error without any popup

options : InAppBrowserOptions = {
location: ‘yes’,
keyboardDisplayRequiresUserAction: ‘no’,
transitionstyle : ‘crossdissolve’,
clearcache: ‘yes’,
clearsessioncache: ‘yes’,
allowInlineMediaPlayback: ‘yes’,
toolbar: ‘yes’
let url = ‘’;
this.appBrowser.create(url, ‘_blank’,this.options);

Is there anyworkaround ? The app should be used in SSO mode that’s why I don’t have the user credentials

Thank you