How to open external Urls outside the inappbrowser and not inside the Inapp browser

hello guys !
i wrapped a website in ionic inapp browser in which the website contains some external site which has to be opened in system browser and i don’t have any idea how to open it in system browser.

any idea of how to achieve it ? the external sites should open in system browser instead of native inapp browser.

export class HomePage {

constructor(public navCtrl: NavController, private iab: InAppBrowser, public platform: Platform, 
private fileOpener: FileOpener, private transfer: FileTransfer, private file: File, private diagnostic: 
 Diagnostic) {
 platform.ready().then(() => {
  let browser = this.iab.create('','_blank',{zoom:'yes',location:'no'});;

for eg :“”,_system) is a external link in that website inside inappbrowser

i wanna open it outside the inapp browser

  let browser = this.iab.create('','_system');

But it makes everything outta the inapp browser…
I only want the external links to be navigated outside the inappbrowser

Yeah that’s what you asked for… be more specific please

no tats not what i meant :frowning:
i only want the Facebook links and Instagram links to be opened outside the inappbrowser…
Is it possible?

RedirectToCorresponding(url: string){
  if (( url.split("facebook").length > 1 ) || ( url.split("instagram").length > 1 )) {
    // redirect outside
  } else {
    // redirect inside

What’s the problem here?

to redirect outside we should use right?