InAppBrowser not working in Android as it is in iOS


Hopefully, someone can help me.

I have a very simple App using the InAppBrowser plugin. On iOS it works perfectly fine when I touch a button the URL loads using “_blank” and the default navigation is present.

However on Android when I touch a button I just get a blank white screen. I did a test and added a plain link using href tags and that takes me to the URL. Once I have visited the URL via the link the buttons will then work. It is like the URL is blocked from loading when using the buttons.

Button details - openBlank() {
this.iab.create(‘’, ‘_blank’,{ location: ‘no’});
} - <ion-button class=“button” expand=“block” (click)=“openBlank()”>My Coaching Journey

Link details - < a href=“URL” onclick=“‘URL’, ‘_blank’, ‘location=no’);”>lINK< /a >

Hopefully this is something simple I am missing.


Bonjour Mark,
Il te manque la balise de fermeture de ton bouton.

Hello Mark,
You are missing the closing tag of your button.

Hi Rodolphe

Thanks for the reply, sorry that was my mistake for not pasting the closing tag in.

I have made a workaround using an iframe to load the URL.