InAppBrowser crash on Android Device

Hi, i try to create a link with InAppBrowser plugin of cordova.

this is my code

import { InAppBrowser } from 'ionic-native';

openBrowser() {
let options = 'location=no,toolbar=no,hidden=no,enableViewportScale=yes';
let browser = new InAppBrowser(this.item.ticket, '_system', options);;

in iOS device is perfect but in Android Device i show this message when i click on the link

Any suggestion?

Me too.
But only if InAppBrowser has been called from the Home page.
The strange thing is that if I put the same code into a different page, it run.
Have you this code into the Home?
I’m building a simple app to make me sure of this, before to open a bug.


Ciao Pietro :slight_smile:

I resolve with this method

import { InAppBrowser } from '@ionic-native/in-app-browser';

  bannerClicked(event, item) {
    let options = 'location=no';
    const browser = this.inAppBrowser.create(item, '_blank', options);
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Grazie Filippo :wink:

I’m using the same code:
let url = '' let browser = this.inApp.create(url,'_self','location: no, hardwareback: no, clearsessioncache: yes');

I’m still investigating.


My shame. I didn’t read deeply. You have to code the option without blank, and = not : have to be used to specify the options.
You will not get any error, simply browser doesn’t start and if you put a the app will crash…

So let browser = this.inApp.create(url,'_self','location= no,hardwareback=no,clearsessioncache=yes'); works