InAppBrowser Events don't fire


I’m kinda new to the whole typescript / angular thing so I’m already sorry if this is a really noob-y question.

Anyway, I’m trying to open a new InAppBrowser window in my ionic 2 app, and then read the parameter in the URL on the ‘loadstart’ event.

The Event doesn’t fire tho, and I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. I tried it with Google Android Emulator API 25 and also via Ionic View on my iPhone.

Here’s my code:

  let browser = new InAppBrowser(fullURL, '_blank');
      ((event) => {
        let params = new URLSearchParams(event.url);
        var access_token = params.get("code");

Ok, I’m having almost the same problem as you, but I am one step further I guess.

Turns out that you are subscribing to errors instead of successful results, because you are using one parameter on the subscription.

You can do this

let browser = new InAppBrowser(fullURL, '_blank');
  (() => { //no args
    //console.log(event.url); //problem is now I don't have the URL :(
    browser.close; //but this will work

but then you cannot access event.url, and this is my problem right now…

After upgrading to the official Ionic 2.0 release my problem has been resolved. I also added the URL to the white list, maybe that will help?

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Same here, thanks! Upgraded to 2.2.1

I placed URL _blank and events are calling one by one after closing browser not on load url can you helping me out ?

can you tell me how you white list URL?