InAppBrowser Can't Subscribe to Event

I’m trying to use Ionic Native’s Inappbrowser. Code taken

 platform.ready().then(() => {
        let url = ''
        let browser = new InAppBrowser(url, '_self');

        browser.on('loadstop').subscribe((event) =>{


Firstly, I figured out with a lot of trouble that the github doc for cordova’s inappbrowser doesn’t apply to Ionic’s implementation of it; the Cordova plugin should allow:

browser.addEventListener('', function(){})

But instead within Ionic 2 it seems we need to do:


Yet, my event never fires. I’m browsing all around the place, and my browser never logs the URL to my console.

What’s going on here / what am I doing wrong?

This work for me:

    let option = "location=no,hidden=yes";
    let url = ""
    let browser = new InAppBrowser(url, '_blank', option);
    browser.on('loadstop').subscribe(function(event) {

Docs need a review…

Could you tell me how to retrieve the last url visited ?

I tried this :

browser.on(‘exit’).subscribe(function(event) {


browser.on(‘exit’).subscribe((event) =>{

But url it’s always null…


@NicoVTech Sorry I read only today your post. I can’t help because I only try the browser, I didn’t use it until now.

hi, it seems the events are subscribed only if the target is not _self. Is there a way to catch iab events when the target is _self?