inAppBrowser charge web page but geolocation don't working

I have a problem with the development of a mobile application Cordova / Ionic. We have created a mobile application hosted on a web server.

my web application uses geolocation with a JS script and Google Maps API, from a browser such as Chrome, etc. on computer or phone everything works perfectly.

However when I try to create a cordova / ionic application with a loading of the web application through the InAppBrowser plugin the geolocation functionality does not work anymore, no permission is requested from the user and I think the problem come from there.

I try to integrate the Ionic Location Accuracy plugin but it does not work either, no permission is required. I hope you can help me or give me a start to follow.

Thank you so much

Hi Team,

Facing same problem, please help us to solve this.
@Sujan12 looking positive for your response.