InAppBrowser and livereload


Hi there,

So after trying to make this plugin work in my app, I kinda gave up, and I was coding something else when I figured that if you’re in live reload, the plugin does not work, if you’re not it works…

I usually run my app with
ionic run android -l -c -s

so this doesn’t work, but if I run it with:
ionic run android

bam, works! well it’s good that it works in a more “real life” situation and not the other way around, but it slows down testing quite a bit.

So I’m wondering if I’m alone with this, if it’s intended or if it’s a bug?


I’m the only one with this? I have the same about the camera now, which makes testing quite slow!


No you’re not.
Did you managed to find any workaround for this issue?


not really but I manage to update this and that and make things ever worse… now the files are delivered super slowly I get errors all over the place… I’ll try to sort that up someday, but for now, I code in the browser and when I’m happy, I deploy on my phone!


Did this ever got solved…?

I am having issue in the other way around.

with -livereload works on everything serve, emulate, run --devices.

but without -livereload. --> no access to www/img or www/template …