In ionic 6, the camera not working in Android 13 (API level 33)

In the Ionic 6 project, when trying to open the camera or gallery, I’m getting error number 20. On API level 32 it is working perfectly.
I’m using cordova-plugin-camera 6.0.0

Yeah that is because the camera plugin is not Android 13 ready… Support for Android api 33 · Issue #825 · apache/cordova-plugin-camera · GitHub

Just came across for a old cordova app i have to maintain a bit and it’s another hint for everybody to update to Capacitor. Android 13 was released one year ago and in one week you can’t update your android apps anymore if they dont target at least sdk 33 :weary:

Is Cordova Camera Plugin Working Now on Android 13 ?

yes, cordova-plugin-camera 7.0.0 was released 2 months ago