In Ionic 3 new line how to get <br> in ion-select label text

Have a ioni-select option.
Two selection options.
Adding some text to clarify. Just an example.

Delete account (this will cause your account to be deleted)

This seems to be having a new line wrap around it.

Then I will get something like
Delete Account (this will cause
your account to be deleted.

I tried adding in a < br > after ‘account’ to get the new line there but ionic/angular is show the < br > as text.

Delete account< br >(this will cause your account to be deleted).

How to fix? I thought there was a way to do this in Angular, but can’t figure it out.
Note Ionic forms does seem to render < br > as a new line.

Tried this.
<ion-option value="Delete"><div [innerHtml]="deleteText"></div></ion-option>

Still no change. Inspecting the text I don’t even see the < br > in there.