In Ionic HTML inside <textarea> how to break text lines?

am entering some data inside text-area field of my webpage and I want to enter data on next line…But that data is displaying on same line (please see below image )
.how to display data to next line ?..please help me

same issue, too:disappointed_relieved:

@JeongJun hey you got solution ??

In scss file:

p {
white-space: pre-line;

In test.html

   <p>{{ test }}</p>

It would be helpful for you.


okay thanks @JeongJun …I have one question regarding database …am creating simple login application that do login correctly when tested on browser…but when am generating .apk file …am not able to login …login page is not opening after click on login button and also same for signup also …am using mysql database and PHP slim framework …please help me

I use <br> when a new line is needed.

It would appear that what you wanted to share didn’t appear.