In ionic 3 I need Guidance to open a new page using Top,Bottom,Left,Right slide gesture with do I do that?

I am creating an app in Ionic 3 where in I want to open a new page using slide gesture.
Also My requirement is that specifically using the slide gesture.I want to open a new page every time using top to bottom slide, bottom to top slide, left to right slide and right to left slide.
An entire new page should open while using all this 4 gestures.

I found this stackoverflow article that might be helpful:

So depending on the swipe event you could push a new page on to the nav controller. But I’m not sure if you can control the direction of the animation as the page comes on, and there might be some delay after the swipe before the page animates on - I don’t know if it would seem like someone is dragging on the page themselves.

It is working only left and right.But It is not working top and bottom.

swipe is not working or which part is not working?

Swipe is working left and right but it is not working top and bottom.

I’m get stuck please help me to solve this issue.