Animation on swipe left and right


I am showing a text(stored in one array of texts) on a view and with the gesture swipe left and right i would like to give the impression to change page.
I have handled the swige gesture and it works good but i don’t know if there is some “ionic” way to make the animation! :smile:

I made a ionic playground example:

Ionic playground rocks!


Hey man,

In your case you should probably use in place of making your owh swipe functionnality. It will look better, feel better… And have the transition you need out of the box.


Thanks, i will give it a look, but i have developed some logic and i do more stuff on my function on swipe left and swipe right, maybe i have to go and deal with transition css :slight_smile:


Nah, won’t look good ! If you need to act anytime the user moves left or right, just use the “on-slide-changed” directive. Also, take out the direction=“x” from your ion-content in order to implement it well.