Impossible to scroll behind keyboard on Android - Ionic 2

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to integrate the Stripe Javascript SDK in my application (ionic 2). I’m using the automated iframe provided by Stripe.
On web (chrome for example) and iOS, it works perfectly. But on Android (ie tested on several android devices), when I try to type in an input, it doesn’t scroll at all (impossible to scroll on background, and the input is often hidden behind the keyboard depending on screen size).

I know it probably come from the Stripe JS SDK, but any idea how can I deal with it anyway ?

[Update] To be more accurate, I’m using Stripe Checkout.

Thanks a lot in advance for your help,



I am facing the same issue.
Were you able to solve it? I’m thinking of trying out custom forms instead of using the iframe.

How are you,

Have you solved it