Impossible to compile an Android application for prod with capacitor

The issue

I try to build my Android app made with Capacitor, for production. But whatever I do, the application which appears on my phone and which is compiled as a release always points to, like if it was still a livereload dev app.

What I’ve tried

Ionic build --prod
Ionic cap sync
npx ng build --aot=true --configuration="production"
npx cap sync

npx cap sync --prod

I also tried to suppress the current Android folder the run capacitor add again.

My configuration

Mac Mojave 10.14.1
Android Studio 3.6.2
Ionic 5.0.0
Capacitor 2.0.0
Node 13.10.1
My capacitor.config.json

 "appId": "",
 "appName": "FileX",
 "bundledWebRuntime": false,
 "npmClient": "npm",
 "webDir": "www",
 "cordova": {},
 "server": {
   "url": "",
   "cleartext": true

Thanks for you help.