Importing dependencies in constructor, best practices? [Ionic 2]

I finally took the leap of faith towards Ionic 2, however I am a bit confused in one part. While browsing tutorials, many of them inject providers into the constructor using the “public” way. Example: constructor(public someService: SomeService)

However, the default template injects the NavController provider as a private. I am wondering what is the best practice for injecting dependencies into my constructor and what exactly public and private does within injecting.


It’s only syntax encapsulation. So you could use like you want. I create private.

Thank you! What is the benefits of using public vs private or vise versa?

I don’t think either private or public could actually matter in a practical sense.

I think It’s mostly for Typescript convenience, when you inject an object with private, if code outside of current component tries to do thatcomponent.privateObject your IDE should show a visual complain or sth.